1. Entering the bunkers and the site under our management is entirely at the risk of the visitor.
2. Visitors are obliged to comply with regulations and / or instructions from the guide / organization.
3. The organization is not responsible for any form of physical or mental injury resulting from a visit.
4. The organization is not liable for any form of damage to property and / or goods of the visitors.
5. You need a valid admission ticket or other admission ticket to enter the bunkers and the dune site we manage.
6. It is explicitly not allowed on the site to smoke or otherwise to stay in the dunes or bunkers with open fire.
7. There is no toilet facility on the dune site, it is forbidden to use the site and the bunkers as a toilet.
8. It is forbidden to leave waste.
9. Check yourself or your loved ones for ticks or tick bites. Wear appropriate clothing and stay on the trails.
10. Wear proper shoes since the grass trails might be slippery.
11. Stay on the trails we have cut and it is therefore not allowed to enter the grounds outside these trails.
12. It is forbidden to climb on the bunkers or to go on the roof.
13. We as an organization feel welcome in nature, we also expect this from our visitors. This means that you must respect nature without disturbing it by screaming, running, destroying in any way or other nuisance.
14. Children are only allowed under the supervision of an adult.